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Instant Teeth Whitening Color Corrector Serum

Instant Teeth Whitening Color Corrector Serum

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Let’s See Our Satisfied Customers’ Happy Pearly Smile With Our Instant Teeth Whitening Color Corrector Serum!

William Allen, 40, Chicago, Illinois 

“I’m an avid coffee drinker which made my already yellowish teeth even more worse and intolerable. I’ve already tried various products from whitening strips to toothpaste, and even undergone laser teeth whitening, but none of them had worked out for me. Thankfully, a friend of mine had recommended this instant teeth-stain removal product and after reading all its positive reviews I decided to try it out myself. It has a thick liquid-like texture which makes it easier to pass and polish through even to those hard to reach stubborn stains. I was pleasantly surprised that just after my first use and the alarming yellows on my enamels had already significantly faded. My teeth do not look as stained as before and it even brings back its healthy shine which is really amazing. I’ve been using it regularly for a week now and I’m so proud to share that my teeth had never looked this better! The stains and the yellow hue that I’ve been having trouble removing before had all been long gone. Even my colleagues were so impressed and were asking me what the secret is on my whiter-looking, brighter teeth. This teeth-stain removal product is truly top notch and I highly recommend this for everyone with oral stain problems!” 


Evelyn Walker, 33, Santa Fe, USA 

“I have darkened, yellow stains especially around the edges of my teeth that I’ve been struggling for years to get whitened due to my bad lifestyle. I’m so embarrassed of how bad it has gone now that I can’t even smile with my teeth showing anymore. After searching through the market of possible solutions I finally found my holy grail! This color correcting teeth-stain removal has really lived up to its promises to make your teeth pearly whites. Just after brushing,  I already noticed a big difference in how my teeth had lightened unlike with the products that I’ve been using before. I never thought that it would really take out the dirty old stains in as fast 30 seconds. What I also love about this product is not only its instant noticeable result, but it also thoroughly cleans all residues that’s been clinging onto my teeth without causing me any sensitivity at all. In only a week my teeth had definitely gone shades whiter and looked really healthy. It definitely beats going through a dentist which only costs more! I am so thankful for this product. I never had to hide and get self-conscious with my smile anymore. I’ll continue on using it and I proudly recommend, you'll never disappoint!     

What Causes Yellow Teeth Stains?

Tooth discoloration is a condition where the color of the teeth changes and appears darker, stained, less brighter, and more yellow than its natural white hue. Our teeth do not turn yellow overnight and this discoloration is generally classified into two main types which are; extrinsic discoloration and intrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic originates on the outer surface of the teeth, the enamel, and is often a result of certain exposure to external factors. As the enamel wears thin, it reveals the dentin beneath, a hard tissue with a naturally yellow color. Thus, providing your teeth that awkward yellowish tint exposed by your weakened translucent enamel. On the other hand, intrinsic is a type of discoloration that starts within the inside of your tooth or body and affects the dentin. There are a number of factors that might cause the embarrassing tint ranging from poor oral hygiene, bad lifestyle habits (chewing tobacco and smoking), genetics, dental trauma, aging, medications, and even excessive consumption of caffeine, red wine, teas, and other food that stains teeth.

Stained, discolor teeth are not as urgent as other dental conditions, however they can cost you the confidence of how you talk and willingness to smile and laugh with everyone. In addition, a yellowish smile is also considered unattractive by most as it is mistaken for poor oral hygiene. This is why we introduce you to our instant teeth-stain removal color correcting serum! A highly-effective, non-invasive brightening treatment that will leave your teeth pearly white and renew the shine of your smile for as fast as 30 seconds!  

The Best Smile Optimizer: SmileEase Keeps Teeth 10 Shades Whiter In As Fast As 30 Seconds!

A professional-grade teeth whitening product that is packed with powerful enamel-safe ingredients that specifically target surface stains and yellow discolorations.

It is culminated with advanced, extensive research that utilizes color correcting technology. Allowing the deep, violet pigment solution to successfully counteract and neutralize the yellow undertones in the teeth surface.

Hence, canceling all stubborn, undesirable tinge which results in brighter and whiter looking teeth without the abrasive help of bleaching formulations. This instant teeth-stain removal can thoroughly cleanse and polish each tooth into a perceptively brighter shade of white with no sensitivities and aches. In addition, it comes with a tint of minty coolness that will leave your mouth significantly fresh and odor-free for a prolonged period. 


This color correcting oral serum also works amazingly in rebuilding the enamel and bringing back lost minerals from your teeth. It can naturally take off stains without wearing and damaging the enamel which is one of the main causes of yellow discoloration. Moreover, this teeth whitening product protects teeth and helps in preventing future staining. It is specially formulated with the user’s 100% safety in mind and is gentle on all teeth structures and health of different ages. Achieve that naturally brighter smile and pearlescent white teeth for as fast as 30 seconds and a week of regular usage!   

Key Ingredients Of Instant Teeth Stain Removal Color Correcting Serum:

  • Sorbitol - A popular formulation of oral care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. It effectively helps to break down oral bacterias and prevent cavities or the erosion of tooth enamel which leads to yellow teeth staining. Furthermore, sorbitol also provides a soothing mouthfeel with a touch of sweetness and cool taste. It keeps the teeth protected and your mouth feeling fresh at all times. It is even a great ingredient in supporting overall oral health.  
  • Xylitol - A powerful ingredient that’s been used since years ago thanks to its excellent dental hygiene beneficial effects. It can deeply clean off nasty yellow discoloration, plaques, and other tough surface stains from the teeth without sacrificing your enamel’s health. Moreover, xylitol has also been proven in assisting in building a reinforced enamel which helps in keeping the overall teeth structure stronger and looking whiter. This ingredient can even block future bacterial growth that causes tartar, stains, and tooth decay. 
  • Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate - A widely-used bleaching ingredient that effectively cleans onto the teeth surface and penetrates through tiny crevices. Taking away all deep stains, tartar, as well as preventing all future built ups. Leaving your mouth feeling fresh and keeping your smile naturally whiter and brighter.    
  • Peppermint Oil - Known for its cooling effects and is one of the great remedies for bad breath. It keeps the mouth pleasantly cool and fresh all over without causing you with any sort of sensitivities and discomfort. In addition, it has great numbing elements that can safely and successfully soothe various tooth and muscle aches. This peppermint oil ingredient can also fight off oral pathogens and other mouth-common bacterias that may lead to cavities and the appearance of tooth discoloration and decay. 

  • Check Out Kelly’s Road To A Wider Brighter Smile Over The Course Of 7 Days:

    I’ve only recently quit smoking over a few months ago after I realized how my teeth had gotten darker. It really alarmed me on how awful it looks and how noticeable it is especially when I’m wearing red lipstick or any bold colors which I do almost all the time when I go to work. Since I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dentist, I opt to find some effective, yet low-price solution online and end up with this well-reviewed instant teeth stain removal color correcting serum. Though a little hesitant at first, I decided to check it out and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. In just my first use, my teeth had already shown impressive improvements! I’m not one to leave reviews, but this product had really exceeded my expectations that I just had to share my progress. 

    Kelly Hill, 48, Toronto, Canada 


    Actually, in only my first use this product had already worked like magic and had perfectly faded the yellowish stains of my teeth. For each day it lightens and lightens each of my teeth without a fail. It is also good for refreshing my mouth and fighting off bad breath after each brush. This color correcting oral product is packed in a pump-like container which makes it easier to apply on my toothbrush. It has an alarming violet color but no worries as it does not leave stain behind or have any weird taste and smell.  


    After couple days of regular use my teeth are now apparently much brighter than the last week. I also feel how this product also helps in making my enamels more stronger and keeps them pleasantly shiny. I don’t experience any teeth or gum sensitivities, aches, and other discomfort upon using this product which is a great boost.  

    Day 7:

    As you can see on the photo I provided, you can see that my teeth have changed a lot! My teeth had gone 10x shade lighter without looking awkwardly unnatural and I am very very happy with the outcome that I got. I never thought my teeth could be so healthy-looking, shiny, and white that no one would ever know that I smoked on a daily basis before. I can now wear any bold color lipstick again and smile widely with confidence again. A sure life-changer product that everyone must have!

    Diamond-grade Dental Benefits:

     Effectively lightens teeth for as fast as 30 seconds

    ✔ Neutralizes and cancels out all shades of yellow stains through color correcting technology

    ✔ Make teeth appear 10x whiter in color and overall naturally healthy-looking with a week of regular use

    Fight off oral bacterial infections from building up to prevent future tooth decay, tartar formation, and yellow staining

     Helps in rebuilding enamel and prevents them from wearing to keep teeth discoloration at bay

     Formulated with the precise balance of enamel-safe ingredients and water-soluble, deep purple dye that is complementary to yellow

     Safe and gentle teeth whitening treatment for all 

     Does not leave any residues or violet stains behind


    • Key Ingredients: Sorbitol, Xylitol, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Peppermint Oil 
    • Net content: 30g


    • 1 x Instant Teeth Whitening Color Corrector Serum
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